First Date Do's and Don'ts

Many things can go wrong on a date. If you want that second date, you need to make sure you know what you should and what you shouldn't do on the first date. Doing the right things on the first date can mean getting that phone call and going out with the person you like a second time. When you know the things that can help you have a perfect date, you'll be able to go to that first date self-confident.

Do Be Punctual

One of the most important things you need to keep in mind for your first date is to be punctual. If you're picking up your date, don't be late. If you're waiting for your date to pick you up, be ready ahead of time. If you're meeting your date somewhere, be there on time.

The quickest way to make a bad impression on your first date is to not show up on time. If you're late for your date, your date is likely to assume you don't really care much about the date or that he or she isn't important enough for you to be on time. If you're meeting somewhere, your date may not wait around for you to get there if you're late.

Do Make Your Date Comfortable

Make sure you put your date at ease from the beginning. Very few people don't get nervous on their first date. If your date is comfortable, you'll be comfortable too. You'll both be able to relax and enjoy the date. Conversation will flow more freely and there will be few awkward moments.

Do Keep the Conversation Going

Once your date is underway, keep the conversation going. The last thing you want to do is go into your first date unprepared. Think of topics that both you and your date find interesting. What things do you share in common? Start from there. Just to get things going, ask your date how his or her day was. Be interested in what your date does. What hobbies does he or she like? Is your date interested in sports?

Do Be a Good Listener

Be interested in your date. Listen attentively to what your date is saying. If your date is talking, give him or her all your attention. Maintain eye contact with your date whenever he or she is talking. This gives your date the impression that you value he or she is saying.

Don't Focus the Conversation on Yourself

A surefire way to turn off your date and guarantee he or she won't want to go on a second date with you is to talk about yourself throughout your date. If you do, you're only going to come across as self-indulgent and conceited. Give your date the chance to talk. Don't allow the conversation to be one-sided.

Don't Talk About Ex-Boyfriends or Ex-Girlfriends

Avoid talking about your previous relationships and don't ask your date about his or her past relationships either. The last thing your date wants to hear about is your ex.  Don't give your date the impression that you aren't over your ex. If you do end up talking about your ex, don't count on a second date.



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