You Don't Need to Go Out to Have the Perfect Date Night

Whether you are married or have been with your partner for a long time, or perhaps even if your relationship is in the early stages, you probably want to spend a lot of time together doing fun things. Many couples have one night out of the week that they treat as their "date night". They dress up and go out together for a night of fun before coming home to some alone time.

The best ending to a good night is some quality time alone with the person you love. If you and your partner have a date night, you may have found yourselves needing to stay in more because your budget does not allow for weekly nights out. You can still have some enjoyable nights together without going out and save money at the same time. Try the following suggestions.

1. Set aside a time for you two to have a special night alone where you won’t be bothered. Decide what time to start your date.

2. Get dressed as if you were having a nice dinner or a night in town. It may seem weird but dressing up makes it special. Women may want to consider wearing some special undergarments to make the night extra fun.

3. Arrange for a great dinner just for the two of you. It can be something you cooked or you can have it brought in from your favorite restaurant. Don’t make or order anything that will fill you up or you won’t be in the mood for fun later in the night.

4. While you eat dinner, make sure you focus on each other instead of the everyday issues that you both deal with like your finances or work. Instead focus on special times you have enjoyed together and what you want to do in the future. If you plan ahead for future fun times together, you will have something to look forward to.

5. When you are done eating, you may want to enjoy a cocktail together and put on some romantic music that both of you enjoy listening to. Music will help set the mood.

6. After you start to relax, give your partner a nice massage and have him or her reciprocate. You can keep your clothes on or take them off.

7. Now you are ready for the main event. After you have eaten, relaxed, and had a few drinks, you can have some intimate time alone together.

Why spend the money to to out when you can enjoy each other’s company at home and save some money? Set a night aside very week to have a romantic night at home. This will help you strengthen your relationship and also leave both of you feeling good. You will be surprised how much fun you can have together.



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