Want to Win Your Ex Back? Follow My "No Contact" Rule!

The best thing you can do after a relationship ends is to avoid any contact with your ex. What's the point of doing this? Simple: your ex is likely going to make the first move to get in touch with you.

What makes following my "no contact" rule work so well if you want your ex to rethink the breakup?

The first reason is that avoiding communication with your ex allows you to hide your emotions and distress. Sadness and distress after a breakup are normal emotions that we all feel. However, you don’t want your ex to see you acting that way because it will definitely not make you more appealing to him or her.

If you can follow the "no contact" rule, you won’t have to worry about having an emotional breakdown in the presence of your ex and having him or her see you lose control of your emotions.

Here's another reason to follow the "no contact" rule: your ex is most likely waiting for you to start begging him or her to take you back. When your ex doesn't hear from you after the breakup, he or she is going to start to wonder what is going on and why you have not initiated contact.

When you stick with the "no contact" rule, your ex is going to wonder one or all of these things: (1) you're already already pursuing someone else, (2) you've gotten over your ex, and (3) you never really cared about your ex at all. This is actually good for you because it will make your ex rethink breaking up with you. Your ex will realize breaking up with you has not affected you and you have not let it stop you from living life.

Finally, following my "no contact" rule will make your ex start to miss you. When you spend a lot of time with your partner and there has been a lot of conflict and stress, you may find that some time alone is good for both of you and for your relationship. When a relationship that was strong ends, there are still feelings on both sides and those feelings won’t disappear overnight.

If you are missing your ex, he or she is probably missing you as well even if your ex won't admit it. If you give your ex space to be alone and figure out what he or she wants and needs, then your ex can see how it is if you are not around. What your ex may figure out is that he or she needs you to be in his or her life!



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