Mindset is the Key to Winning Your Ex Back

Your partner just broke the news to you that he or she doesn’t want to be together anymore. You feel sad, upset, and angry and your mind is going in a million different directions. It's a normal reaction; many people have gone through something like this and have felt the way you are feeling right now.

Now is the time to focus on the fact that many people in this situation make things worse with their actions because they don’t realize one simple thing. There is one factor that can make or break your efforts to win your ex back but not many people know what it is. This factor can help you win your ex back.

Are you ready to learn what this is? The answer is your mindset. Your mindset is a key factor in your attempt to win your ex back. The mindset you have affects the way you act and think, which is why you need your mind to be in a good place. If your mind is in a healthy place, you are much more likely to succeed at winning your ex back.

What do we mean when we say your mindset is important? Here is an example. Imagine a friend asks you all the time to loan him money. He calls and texts you day in and day out and whines about how he has no money. He is driving you crazy! Would you want to let this person borrow money or even talk to him? The answer is most likely no.

Here is another example. This friend needs money but doesn’t ask you to give or loan him any. He works hard to earn extra money when he can and is always upbeat and in a good mood despite his problems. You may consider loaning this person money even though he hasn't asked you for a loan. Why the change of heart? Your friend has a positive mindset. He is not driving you crazy with his neediness, whining, and negativity. People respond much better to a positive mindset than they do to a negative mindset.

You can see how this same train of thought would apply to trying to win your ex back after a breakup. The worst thing you can do is give into the negative mindset that is so tempting. A negative mindset will cause you to act desperate. You will call your ex every day, cry, and beg your ex to take you back. In short, you'll drive your ex crazy, and it will only make things worse.

Focus instead on a positive mindset. Spend time in activities that are fun for you. Pursue a hobby or go out with your friends. Don’t focus on the breakup and how much you miss your ex or you may find yourself slipping into a negative mindset. When you keep a positive mindset, your ex has the time and space to figure out what he or she want. In the end, your ex will be grateful to you for it.



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