It's Never Too Late to Save Your Relationship If You Truly Love Each Other

If you want your relationship to last, you and your partner must be willing to work hard to make sure it does last. In order to make the relationship work, you and your partner must have a good connection.

Many relationships begin strong. They start off filled with passion, love, and devotion. Eventually, however, the love and devotion disappear. This may happen slowly over the course of a relationship or suddenly. If this does happen to your relationship, you may be left bewildered. You find yourself rationalizing the events. You strongly believe that you didn't do anything wrong and you refuse to take responsibility for the fate of your relationship.

Or you may react the other way. You end up blaming yourself. It's all your fault and there is nothing that can be done to save your relationship. There are just way too many hurdles to overcome. You feel it's impossible to heal all the hurts. And so you simply give up.

There is good news, though. Your relationship can be saved if both you and your partner are willing to do everything possible -- and you do it as a team. You both must want your relationship to be saved if it ever has a chance of surviving. If you truly love each other, you will both commit to make sure your relationship is saved. That's what true love is.

The first step to saving your relationship is determining what you expect from your partner and vice versa. Where is your relationship headed? Do an honest assessment of your relationship at this point. Have you and your partner planned for the future or have you been living each day as if you are still on a date?

It's important that you both are honest with each other. Recognize what problems you are having in your relationship and talk about them openly with each other. If you have felt that your partner has failed to fill your needs, have you actually shared with your partner what those needs are? Have you communicated with your partner clearly what you expect from him or her? Perhaps now is the time to be more open and begin bonding. For all you know, your partner feels that you aren't meeting his or her needs because you have no clue what those needs are.

If you and your partner have always played the blame game whenever the two of you argue, it's time to change that. Stop blaming each other and start communicating in a rational, calm, and respectful manner. Think about it. Have your problems been ever resolved those times you and your partner ended up blaming each other? Sure, both of you have different perspectives. But that's all there really is -- a difference in perspective. No one is necessarily right or wrong. Your differences brought you together and they're what can help you both build a stronger relationship.

Show each other respect. You may have different opinions and you may argue or disagree on many things, but you can do so without losing respect for each other. Find a common ground. Learn to compromise.

Lastly, forget about the past. Don't bring up old hurts. Doing so won't accomplish anything except make the situation worse. Learn to forgive and forget. Work together. If both of you truly want to save the relationship, you'll find a way to do so.



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