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It is always a painful experience whenever a relationship ends. No one rejoices in seeing their relationship end. You may have been in several relationships and regardless of how many times you've found yourself ending a relationship, a little piece of your heart remains broken and always hurts.

Many people take a long time to recover from a failed relationship; some never recover at all. The thing is, there is always a risk in loving someone. When you truly love someone, ending your relationship with that person becomes the most painful thing in the world.

Broken hearts and failed relationships are the inspiration for and the focus of many self-help books. In fact, you won't find a shortage of these books in any bookstore. As long as there are people falling in love, there will be people who are breaking up.

These self-help books can help you and others get over a breakup and they can also teach you how to make up with the one you love and actually get your ex back. One such book and the one that stands out is The Magic of Making Up.

The Magic of Making Up is available in ebook format. First released in 2008, it became very popular by word of mouth as more and more people began seeing how useful the lessons were in winning back your ex.

The Magic of Making Up was authored by an average guy named TW Jackson. That certainly sets the book apart from all the other self-help relationship books written by psychiatrists or psychologists. Jackson's military background led him to move around the world a lot. As an army brat, his social skills were sharpened. He learned how to mingle with all sorts of people.

At first glance, you might question the author's credibility. After all, how could an army brat ever help you with your relationship problems? But then, it can be a comfort to know that an average guy like Jackson has gone through painful experiences that we all go through.

The Magic of Making Up covers several topics. Some of the things the book covers include the 7 things you must not ever do if you're dumped, the "clean slate" technique when your partner finds out you cheated on him or her, when you should apologize to your partner, what women want the most, what you should do to get relieved from a breakup, and how to diffuse arguments before they could even begin.

Jackson says that the topics he tackles in his book are topics that can be found in any self-help relationship books. However, with his book you get to read about and learn from all those topics all in one place instead of hunting and trawling through various sources. You don't have to buy several self-help books to find solutions to your relationship problems once you have a copy of The Magic of Making Up.

My Magic of Making Up Review

Do yourself a favor and grab a copy of The Magic of Making Up and you can get started on repairing your relationship and even preventing a breakup. Thousands of people have benefited from reading and following the tips outlined in The Magic of Making Up. There's no reason why you shouldn't benefit from such a book as well.

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