Why Your Ex Girlfriend Dumped You

Most guys whose girlfriends dumped them have a hard time figuring out why their ex-girlfriend broke up with them. The types of things that women say when they break up with their boyfriends range from "I need some time alone" to "It's because of me, not you." This is what women say when they are not able to really explain what made them decide to end a relationship. They don’t know how to say that they are no longer having fun and that they aren’t fulfilled in the relationship.

The basic reason your ex-girlfriend no longer enjoys your relationship is pretty easy to understand. It boils down to the fact that there is no longer an attraction between the two of you. Unless you committed some sort of terrible act against your girlfriend, this is the reason. No one wants to hear this but it is true.

Now is not the time to drink your pain away because you cannot give up hope. In most cases, you have a chance of getting your ex back if you know what to do. There is no explaining what makes a woman attracted to a man. There is also no explaining why a woman can lose her attraction to a man but it can happen fast.

So how do you make your ex-girlfriend find you attractive once again? You need to determine what happened to cause her to stop being attracted to you in the first place. In almost every case, women stop being attracted to a boyfriend who acts like he is insecure. You need to think about how you have been acting and if you have done any of the following:

- You acted indecisively and allowed your girlfriend to decide everything.
- You appeared needy and you were clingy.
- You acted jealous if she spent any time with her friends of either sex or her family.
- You tried to keep tabs on her when she was away from you.
- You gave in to whatever your girlfriend wanted and did not stand up to her because you don’t want to disagree.
- You showed a lot of emotion in front of your girlfriend, more than she showed in any situation.
- You acted in an unmanly way.

When you look at the way you have been acting, it is likely that you have been doing one or more of the above. You should not be too hard on yourself, though, since all guys do these types of things at some point. That is why there are so many relationships that break up.

Since you now understand why your girlfriend lost her attraction to you, you will be able to rebuild that attraction and prove to her you are not going to behave that way anymore. If you give her some time and if you are patient, you can prove to her you are still that man she fell in love with.



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