Common Relationship Mistakes Made by Married Men

If you looked at it from a woman's perspective, the men make most of the mistakes in marriage. After all, men are often the last to know their marriages aren't perfect. It is usually the women who decide when to end a marriage. Perhaps the biggest mistake made by men is not be more analytical of their relationships. Let's look at how you, as a man, can learn from the common relationship mistakes made by married men.

While women are most often seen as the driving forces in the search for committed relationships, science tells us that men and women both need healthy, committed relationships for both physical and mental health. There is definitely something to be said for always having someone you can count on to be there for you when times are extremely good, extremely bad, or just blah.

But if men need marriage so much, why do they seem to make so many mistakes? The answer to that question is very complex, but in simple terms, whenever you combine two beings from different environments with different physical and emotional makeups, you're going to have misunderstandings and mistakes in how they relate to each other.

Compounding things for you as a man, women tend to be much more concerned with keeping score and ensuring you know just how much and how often you mess up.

If you happen to repeat the same mistake over and over, you are in for some serious nagging. Women tend to take this as attacks against themselves. You are seen as being indifferent to your wife's needs.

The reality is more likely that you as a man know that people make mistakes and you simply get over them and move on quickly. Meanwhile, your wife wonders why you haven't had a long discussion with her about why you did it again. You're so busy fixing all of the problems she has with you that you can't predict when the next one is coming.

What your wife doesn't understand about you is that you need to be her hero and the object of her passion. Because women believe strongly in the emotional indifference of men, it is up to you to find some way to communicate to her how you feel. Perhaps the best thing you can do is approach her and say you want to talk about the mistake. Starting with a line that shows you understand where she's coming from will get you all kinds of points.

You need to keep in mind that few women actually want to solve the problem. It is more important to talk about how you feel about it. If you lay out a step by step plan to solve the problem, as is your nature, she'll feel that you're emotionally disconnected from her. Ignore your need for quick resolution and solution at all costs.

Rehash endlessly the same emotions, giving her plenty of time to complain, without suggesting any sort of solution and you may just become her hero. It doesn't make sense, so don't try to reason it out. Just do it. Bring her a gift the next day and she might even mistake you for a romantic hero.



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