Common Relationship Mistakes Made by Married Women

It is common knowledge that everyone makes mistakes. However, with a little research and effort, many mistakes are avoidable. When it comes to your marriage and the man you love, no amount of research and effort is too much to give in order to avoid mistakes.

Further, it is important to learn how to quickly recognize and correct mistakes before they can explode into full-blown fights. So let's take a quick look at common relationship mistakes made by married women.

It is important to understand that the mistakes made by men and women in marriage differ due to great differences in how they approach and experience marriage. Likewise, men and women view mistakes differently. While men tend to view mistakes as minor glitches along the way, women feel intimately involved with their mistakes.

So while a man can just take some time to cool off and then let the incident fade, a woman will persevere. In other words, the woman will go over the event over and over in her head until it becomes something much bigger and more important than it actually was at the time the mistake was made. This may be source of many misconceptions about the emotional toughness of men and emotional fragility of women.

As every woman knows, one of the keys to resolving mistakes and difficulties in marriage is to communicate clearly. However, most women fail to recognize that the timing, style, and intensity of communication are just as important.

When your husband comes in after a hard day of work, jumping on him with your molehill made into a mountain is not going to improve your marriage. At least give him time to relax and approach him in a relaxed, conciliatory manner.

This is very hard for women to do. As little as men open up and talk about things, they tend to do so in a manner that is far less critical than women. Fortunately, men are less prone to getting defensive, if a loving tone is taken. So even though your are probably better about opening up about things than your husband, you'll need to be careful to frame the conversation as a loving discussion about finding a solution.

As you know, the one thing men really like to do when you try to talk to them is fix all of your problems, even if you don't want them fixed. So if you provide the problem to them as something they can fix for you, they may even be inspired to surprise you with a solution when you need one.

On the other hand, if you come off as critical, especially if you speak in a way that belittles your man, such as nagging, you're probably going to get a dumb response. He may even walk away from you. So talk about your problem and let him think he's solving it as you come to an understanding, and avoid telling him what he needs to do or else.

If you need a trump card, a man will almost always fall for pervasive sweetness and flattery. A common mistake is to deny intimacy to a husband until demands are met, but this will only hurt him, cause him to lose faith in you, and drive a wedge between the two of you.

The truth is that men are emotional, and making your husband feel more connected to you and adored by you will open him up like nothing else can. Just don't expect him to tell you his life story. After all, he is still a man.



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