Couples Therapy Marriage Retreats

Marriage retreats have proven to be far more than a fad. They still continue to be popular today because many couples and professional marriage counselors have recognized them as one of the best forms of couples therapy. The basic idea of a marriage retreat is to step out of your busy lives so that you can refocus on each other. This gives you a chance to see where your marriage is at and how you can make it better.

You should not think that all marriage retreats are the same. They come in a wide variety of venues from a wide variety of perspectives. Some are done purely from a psychological approach, while others take into more account the physical and spiritual aspects of your being. Generally, marriage retreats consist of counselors and a large group of married couples in a remote area.

Not all couples therapy is performed with the same goals on these marriage retreats. Some respect marriage as something that can always be salvaged through commitment and work, while others use marriage retreats as testing grounds to see if it is time to get out of the relationship. So the right type of marriage retreat for you depends on your commitment levels.

There's a wide variety of good reasons to attend a marriage retreat, but an abusive relationship is not one of them. That type of relationship therapy is much more specialized and structured. For almost all other marital difficulties, from differing views of marriage to a feeling that the intimacy has left the marriage, a marriage retreat may be just the right couples therapy.

Anything you feel is missing from your marriage can be a good excuse to go on a marriage retreat. Anger, feeling unwanted, and being frustrated are all excellent, common reasons to attend. But, just feeling blah about your marriage can also be a good reason. Marriage retreats are an excellent opportunity to get away from stressful living and fall in love again, but on a firmer, more mature foundation than the first time around.

You'll learn how to love your spouse for the differences between you. You'll learn how to put frustrating habits and tendencies in perspective. You'll learn to forgive each other because your love is more important than your conflicts. The counselors at marriage retreats are there to keep you focused on progress. You'll learn new things about each other each day. You'll learn how to listen and speak more effectively to each other. The goal is to learn skills you can take with you to enhance the rest of your marriage.

It should not be implied that marriage retreats are some kind of miracle couples therapy solution to marital woes. More correctly, it is the commitment you make to your marriage that will allow you to benefit from the marriage retreat. So, if both of you are committed to the marriage, take some time to find a marriage retreat that fits in with your value system.



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