How to Tell If You're Trapped in an Abusive Relationship

While it is surprising, evidence shows that most people know and care about a person who is an an abusive relationship or they may be in an abusive relationship themselves. Abusive relationships can take different forms -- from mental abuse to physical abuse. Both of these types of abuse leave lasting scars on the mind and body.
One reason abusive relationships are so common is that these relationships start out normally. Over time, though, the relationships change and the abuser starts to exert mental and physical control over his or her partner.

Usually, the person who is being abused doesn’t realize what is going because of the brainwashing. The abused is not able to see his or her partner’s actions for what they are. Both men and women find themselves in abusive relationships and think they are to blame.
It can be difficult to convince someone that he or she is being abused. Some people get very good at explaining away the actions of their abusive partner and don’t see the truth. Another problem is no one wants to admit that he or she is in an abusive relationship.

The following are all things you need to look out for in your relationship because they are signs that you are in an abusive relationship:
* Your partner keeps you away from your loved ones.
* Your partner has tried to isolate you and discourage you from being with your friends and family.
* Your partner has told you that you have to make a choice between him/her or your friends and family.
Abusive partners use all these methods to isolate their victim. An abusive partner realizes that he or she cannot abuse you if he or she is not dominating you and controlling you. Your partner doesn’t want to compete with others for your attention and doesn’t want others to see what is happening to you.
If your partner is in charge of your money as a couple, that can be a problem. Your money should be something you both control. Abusive partners often try to use money to keep their victims under control.

Has your partner physically abused you? Has he or she verbally abused you by demeaning you or called you names? Then wake up! You are in an abusive relationship. Abusers are often very good at using insults to threaten their partners without really sounding like they are being that way. Another thing to watch for is a partner who does not stop teasing or playing with you when you ask them to.

There are many more indications that you may be in a physically or mentally abusive relationship. If you think you are a victim of relationship abuse, chances are it is true. There is help available at women’s shelters and other social service organizations where people can help you figure out how to get out of an abusive relationship.



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