How Your Children Are Affected By Your Relationships

No matter what your gender, dating can sometimes be very scary! If you are a single parent, dating is even scarier. The increase in the number of couples who are divorcing means that more and more single parents are going to be in the dating game so it is important to learn how dating affects your children.

You want to make sure your children are not exposed to and allowed to get attached to the people you date. You need to take things slowly when you start a new relationship so you can see how your potential partner responds to children, especially yours.

It is not going to be easy when you are dating and you have children. Both you and your love interest need to be sure it is right. When done right and when the situation is right, it can have a very happy ending.
Keep in mind that you are in a vulnerable state and so are your children after you go through a divorce. Often, children will build walls around themselves emotionally to protect them from getting hurt again. That is why both you and your love interest have to be careful that you don’t go too fast with your relationship. Let things progress slowly.

When you are in a new relationship, you will want to tell others about it, including your children. Remember that when you get emotionally attached to people, your children are likely going to get attached to the them too. That is why you don’t want to expose your children to your new love interest too soon. If you feel it is the right time, take things slow and let your children spend time with your new partner and you a little at a time.
Avoid watching movies together with the kids. It doesn't encourage talking. Instead try bowling, roller skating, or watching your favorite sports team play. That way, all of you can talk and learn more about each other.

You should probably avoid spending these first dates that you all go on in your or your new partner’s home. If you do, you will all be forced to spend time together because there will be no television, no bedrooms, and nowhere for your kids to go to get away.

Of course, you want your kids and your new dating partner to have a positive first impression but your children are not necessarily going to be perfect. You should not expect too much out of your children when they first meet your new partner.

It is important to everyone to see each other as they really are and not try to be perfect or be someone they aren’t. Your kids and your new partner will see who each other is eventually. Make getting to know each other fun for you, your new partner, and your kids!



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