Is Your Marriage in Trouble? 7 Things to Look Out For

While divorce still happens today, it seems to be down. Unfortunately, a lot of existing marriages are not in a state of bliss, to say the least. Despite these marital problems, many couples still stay together. One of the most common reasons for staying is the children, while others just don’t want to give up easily.

Marriages don’t end in the blink of an eye or in a snap of the fingers. It’s akin to that character in a movie who may have been hit by a bullet several times but still persists. We see him stagger around or even fall a few times. But just when you think he's a goner, he somehow manages to pull up a little and ask for assistance.

That character is like a marriage that is deeply in trouble. Some couples just keep getting hurt again and again. Yet, they keep going because they have good cause to stay together. Others find it best to go their separate ways.

For those who decide to go forward separately, their option is divorce. In this case, it is better to act when the decision is made rather than to keep lingering and traumatizing the family. At least they can move on with your decision, take steps forward, and have a hold of their emotions.

A troubled marriage exhibits warning signs. If you realize them in the earlier stages and act on them promptly, a resolution is more likely to occur. If you allow your emotions to get the upper hand, then molehills can become mountains. Actually, you may have even seen some of the warning signs before the wedding, but you turned a blind eye on them.

You may have chosen to ignore the warning signs in the hopes that they will change or become better after the wedding. You may have thought that you could charm them away or your spouse will change. But that rarely occurs. What are the warning signs of a troubled marriage?

1. Fun no longer happens naturally between you and your spouse. Whatever your activity may be, you  are both miserable and wished you stayed in your home.

2. Criticism becomes commonplace. It seems that you don’t do anything correctly that you become fearful of doing anything. Compliments to each other are few and far in between.

3. You feel more comfortable and happier when your spouse is not around. You take pleasure in being by yourself and start to prefer it when your spouse is out.

4. If one spouse is a neat freak, while the other creates clutter and doesn’t put things in their proper place, there could be trouble as one spouse will feel that he/she is always the one putting things in order.

5. Financial differences can also be a source of problem if one is frugal and practical while the other spends extravagantly and bills pile up.

6. Lack of intimate activities or sexual activities can indicate a loss of love of the married couple. It may even be a warning sign of an affair.

7. You fail to see eye to eye on future goals and refuse to enter into discussions beyond daily concerns.

When you are in this situation, you have several options. You can accept them or seek marriage counseling. The latter can be found in books, online, or in person. If you ask for help earlier, it would be better. A troubled marriage can cause negative emotions like anger and depression that can affect the entire family. Watch out for these warning signs and take action as soon as possible.



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