Squeeze in Some "Me" Time in Your Relationship

We all dream of having a strong relationship with someone who completes us. If you are in a good relationship and want it to last, you need to avoid a big mistake a lot of people make, which is to not take time for themselves.

You and your partner need to have some time apart. It is important to take time away from one another so you can recharge your batteries. A lot of couples don’t spend time apart from each other and this can be bad for a new relationship or a long term relationship.

People who are always with their partner may not know what to do with themselves when they are without that person. The following are suggestions to help you take time for yourself so you can be a better partner and build a stronger relationship.
1. Take the time to read that new book you have been hearing about. Spending time sitting quietly and reading with no one talking to you is going to give you more energy so you can do fun things with your partner later on.

2. Watch a movie you have been wanting to see but that your partner does not because it is a romantic flick or some other type of movie that your partner doesn't enjoy. You can’t not do things that you want to do when your partner won’t do them with you.

3. Take time to visit with your family. When you spend time in the company of your family you will strengthen your relationship. Too many people give up time with their family for a new relationship.

4. Spend time doing fun things with your friends. That way you can relax and just be who you are instead of trying to be perfect for your partner. In a strong relationship, partners won’t be jealous of each other spending time with their friends.

5. Spend time playing sports or participating in hobbies. Your partner may not enjoy the same activities but that does not mean that you should not do them. You could go for a run with a friend or even alone. You could work on your scrapbooks on your own. Do what you love even if it means doing it alone.

6. Take time to enjoy a relaxing bubble bath or soak in your hot tub if you have one. This will relax you and give you energy so you can enjoy time with your partner.

7. Hit the mall once in awhile and buy something that you have been wanting for yourself. Or buy something to surprise your partner. Go to your favorite bakery or chocolate store and don’t worry about what anyone will think. Enjoy some time alone shopping for what you love.

In order to have a healthy relationship, you need some "me" time, as well as time as a couple. Make sure you both get enough of these. Don’t be upset if your partner wants some alone time. Instead, use that for your own alone time and enjoy it.



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