My Partner is Always Criticizing Me

Have your friends been telling you that their partner is always criticizing them? Are you always telling your partner that he or she criticizes you too much and it has to stop? Getting into a habit of being critical is easy to do. Criticizing means offering feedback to someone for what he or she does or say in a way that leads him or her to feel the feedback is negative.

True criticism done right is very helpful for learning the right way to do things. However, if you think someone is being critical of you, you are probably not going to listen to that person.

Having your partner always tell you how to do something better can drive you crazy. You probably feel that no matter what you try to do, your partner is always telling you how to do it better. This makes your partner seem like a know-it-all and can be aggravating to you. The more your partner criticizes, the more aggravated you get. You stop listening to what your partner is saying because you feel like he or she is doubting you and your self-esteem suffers as a result.

Often, people who use domestic abuse to control their partners do so with criticism. This is a good way for people to get control of their spouse or partner. Generally, criticism is just one way people control others with domestic abuse. The purpose of this example is to show how you can damage others with criticism.

A Right Way and a Wrong Way

People living with partners who are always criticizing them have troubled relationships. You cannot feel connected to someone who always makes you feel like you are not able to do anything right. You cannot do anything right in this person’s eyes because he or she knows how to do everything the right way. If you criticize someone all the time and tell that person what he or she should do differently, that person won’t listen to you any longer or can get very upset with you.

How should you criticize someone properly? You need to ensure you are offering advice that is really needed in the situation. Any advice you do give should be stated in factual terms. If you use too many personal statements, the person may end up feeling insulted and upset. It is important to praise your partner as much as you criticize him or her if you want a good relationship.

Make sure you don’t use generalizations. Doing so will only make your partner feel like he or she cannot do anything right no matter what. If you are being criticized, you may feel like your partner is attacking you, not helping you. If you are criticized by your partner, you will probably react by being defensive and insisting you are capable of doing things yourself.

How to Turn Criticism into Solutions

The purpose of criticism is to give advice but it is not done properly. It is possible that your partner does have some good advice to give you or your partner did make a mistake. If you choose the best way and the best time when offering advice, you will get better results.

It is possible to stop criticizing your partner. You may need to have a serious but calm discussion with your partner about the way he or she acts towards you to solve things. You have to be mentally prepared for the first discussion because there will be a lot of emotions that may come up. The trick is to avoid being defensive during the conversation. If you respond sarcastically to what your partner says in honesty, the discussion can end badly.

It is not a good idea to ignore how you feel. When your partner criticizes you all the time, it is important that you discuss the way it makes you feel. There may be more issues that arise while discussing this issue and if that happens, it is important to talk to a relationship counselor. Your partner may be always criticizing you because he or she is angry or unhappy. You can’t solve these problems until you look closely at your relationship and figure out what is really going on.

A good relationship is very valuable so you should not risk it by speaking carelessly. If you talk to your partner about how it feels when he or she is always criticizing you, the two of you may be able to start communicating better.



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