The Ingredients of a Happy Marriage

While many people are tying knots in marriage everyday, there are many couples who are untying them. One may conclude that perhaps marriage is a very difficult choice to make. Or perhaps the decision to get married is easy but the decision to stay married, happy, and successful is difficult.

Statistics show that up to 5 out of 10 people who get married end up in divorce within a five-year period. Alarming? The good news is that the rate of divorce has significantly gone down through the years or perhaps has stagnated. The reason could be the revival of traditional values in marriage and the decision of couples to stay married.

They say that living together with a partner, maybe in marriage or not, can bring out the best or the worst among couples. We all know that most of those who get married have intentions of staying in a happy relationship. They dream of a nice family and a beautiful home. Some came to a bitter end, but there are many who have made their dreams come true.

There could have been secrets that separate a successful and a failure marriage. We will try to discover some of these very common ingredients that married couples can adapt to make their marriage successful.

The first is commitment. Many think that commitment is to commit to a nagging spouse, or to unpaid bills. Commitment seems to be a scary idea that paints a picture of being chained to unwanted responsibilities. Many couples don’t realize that commitment is the only path to growth -- path that can lead to accomplishments, values, and goals.

The next ingredient is communication. Communication is not only talking about the ordinary daily happenings at home and at work; it also includes sharing the innermost feelings and thoughts of one another. It is difficult for both parties at first but it is important. At least, couples should have an open mind to share their innermost thoughts and feelings with each other.

Another important factor for a successful marriage is the effort to provide emotional and physical needs of each other. This is as simple as a tender loving care that is always a pleasure and not a chore. Your spouse should be your lover, provider, and friend. All the small irritations should be brushed off; respect, admiration, and appreciation should be fostered.

Strive also to have balance in work, leisure, and pleasure. Common goals should help both of you work together, dream together, and strive to make your dreams come true. It should be a team effort that respects each other’s thought and seek each other’s advice.

Lastly, you should be able to laugh together and not at each other. It is important to get the bright side of life come out through humor. This should protect your marriage from the setbacks and pitfalls of life. These are the ingredients of a happy marriage. Like ingredients to a recipe, marriage is incomparably better when you have found the ingredients that make it work.



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