The Problem with Getting Jealous

Jealousy is a very negative emotion that has no purpose but it is a problem in a lot of relationships and it does nothing but cause problems. If, for instance, your partner has a problem with jealousy, he is going to act in a specific way. The behaviors your jealous partner displays are intrusive and meant to manipulate. In many instances, jealousy leads to break up. Anyone who lives with a jealous partner has to know what it takes to deal with such a jealous person and the problems in the relationship.

Your Jealous partner May Be Afraid to Lose You

If your partner is jealous, he may be trying to show you that he is afraid that he will lose you. Jealousy really is an emotion that hides the emotion of fear. You have to confront the fear if you want things to change. Usually, jealous partners will try to blame their partner for the fact that they are jealous instead of looking at themselves and their insecurities.

Jealousy is an unpleasant emotion that causes people to act in ways that they would normally not act and say things they would not say. Jealous partners always suspect their partner of having bad intentions and motives. A jealous husband may wonder if his wife gets dressed up for work because she wants to look pretty around her boss. Or he may follow his wife on her girls night out because he thinks she is meeting another man. He may not let her go out alone during the day; he goes with her wherever she goes.

A jealous wife wonders if her husband is working late or if she is with his cute secretary or if the is flirting with the pretty woman at the party. She may text her husband all day long while he is at work, which distracts him from his job. She is always suspicious about where he has been or she may give him a hard time if he fails to come home right after work.

The above examples are the result of jealousy and lead to anger and frustration, as well as some serious marital problems. There is no reason or logic behind jealousy because there is no truth to it. If you suspect your partner of something, you should simply talk to your partner about your feelings. Coming up with crazy ideas about what your partner is doing just makes things worse and doesn’t resolve anything.

Sometimes jealousy is love that is expressed in the wrong way. For instance, you may truly love your husband that you become insecure and afraid to lose him to anyone else. You may be insecure because you have low self-esteem or because of things that have happened to you in the past. You may have been cheated on before and you're afraid it will happen again.

The Consequences of Jealousy

Often, jealousy drives a husband and wife away from each other instead of bringing them closer together. Jealousy does not help a relationship grow; instead, it may lead to break up when the fighting and the accusations become too much to take. The jealous partner ends up ruining the relationship he or she wants so deeply to save.

If your partner is jealous, talk to him about what provokes his jealousy. That allows you to make sure you can give your partner reassurance so he knows he has no reason to be jealous at all. You should also try talking to your partner frequently throughout the day so he doesn’t feel like you are hiding anything. Telling your partner you love him often is also going to help him see that you want to be with him and no one else.

Sometimes the jealousy does not go away. In which case, you should consider relationship counseling. Working with a counselor can help your jealous partner figure out why he is feeling that way. You should also make sure you are not giving your partner a reason to be jealous without realizing it. You may need to change some things while your partner works on not being jealous.



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