Tips for Couples Whose Relationship is in Trouble

Conflicts are bound to happen in any relationship. If you are dating someone steadily, living with someone, or married, expect conflicts and fights to occur. Conflicts are a fact of life. In fact, conflicts can help people grow and mature.

Fights, however, can be dangerous as they can turn into abuse. It's important that you resolve conflicts before they turn into fights.

How do you deal with conflict? When you are trying to resolve issues in your relationship, do you deal with them actively or passively? If you tend to face problems head on and you initiate the steps to find a solution, you deal with conflict in an active manner.

However, if you tend to wait and watch for things to happen or problems to resolve themselves, you deal with conflict in a passive manner. When you are having relationship problems, you are content to let your partner take the lead or find the solution.

Not all relationships are worth saving. A relationship that has become abusive is not worth saving. If your partner has become unfaithful or committed a crime, you may be better off admitting to yourself that you made the wrong choice and that you need to gt out of the relationship right away.

If you are married, consider what's involved when you are considering divorce. Do you think you can cope with the emotional trauma of no longer being with the person you once loved so deeply? You also need to prepare yourself from the feelings of inadequacy and failure that are sure to come once you are on your own again. If you have children, how is the divorce going to impact them? What about your friends and family?

You also need to consider the financial consequences of divorce or separation. If you have been in the relationship for many years, you may have accumulated a lot of money, as well as personal belongings that are attached to many memories. Do you think you can separate or divorce your partner and be able to survive physically, emotionally, and financially?

All problems have a solution. The key is in determining the best way to find the solution and move on. When it comes to relationship problems, you have three ways to solve them: solve them on your own, ask help from your friends and family, or seek professional help.

If you decide to deal with your relationship problems on your own, you can go online to find information, as well as pore through books, attend seminars. Asking help from friends and family isn't really the best way to solve your relationship problems.

This route is the least effective because your family and friends are going to be biased in giving you their opinion. It's hard for them to be impartial and you may even end up following the wrong advice. Approaching a professional, like a marriage counselor, is the best since they are unbiased and have been trained to help people whose relationships are in trouble.

In any case, try to talk it out with your partner and find a solution together. If you both want to mend your relationship, the battle is already half-won. The next step is to find out what each of you want in the relationship and what you are both willing to do in order to fix it. For your relationship to last, communication is the key.



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