What to Do If Your Husband Treats You Like a Maid

Many women who are otherwise happily married can often be heard to say that their husband 'treats me like a maid.' Most people would think this is a minor problem since it is only about doing chores around the house but these little things can build up and result in big arguments. There are many household chores that need to be done every day so that is why it is such an issue in many marriages. The housework is one subject that can and does lead to arguments.

If the housework does not get done the way you like it, it can easily drive you crazy. There are many people who cannot stand to see piles of junk all over the house because of how messy the house looks and how hard it is to get around. If no one cares about this but you, it  can be very frustrating and it can even make you mad. While you are looking at your house as a safe haven, your husband may see it as a place where he can be relaxed and not be criticized.

All couples are going to argue about household chores. If you are always picking up stuff around the house to keep it neat, your husband may think you are treating him like someone who is in the way. You may want your spouse to empty the dishwasher before work but he feels like since he leaves first, you should be the one to do it. Small things like this may become big arguments and that can affect your marriage.

The Importance of Compromise

You and your spouse need to divide the chores in the home. Some couples think the housework should be split equally between spouses but it is rare that it works this way. It is a good goal to aim for that both spouses do equal amounts of chores but you may find you are doing more. Instead of getting mad, you should focus on compromising. You may want things done a certain way and feel like you can do the chores better or you may be home more to do chores.

The best way to compromise on housework is to make lists for both you and your spouse to do. The best way to do this is to talk with your spouse about all the different chores that need to be done regularly. It is best to divide the chores up based on what each spouse enjoys doing and does well. If you don’t like the way your spouse loads the dishwasher, for instance, put that on your to-do list instead of getting mad at the way he does it.

There are household chores that are better suited for men and chores that are better suited for women so keep that in mind. It may sound like a stereotype but a lot of people still believe in these stereotypes. Every marriage is different and will tolerate different amounts of stereotypes. You and your spouse are going to have compromise on the issues so that both of you are as satisfied as possible; don't worry about what society says. Your husband may love to mow the grass and you may love to cook.

Don’t Let Housework Take Over

The worst thing that can happen is for the housework to be the reason you are always angry with your spouse. Believe it or not, housework is often the reason for divorce for a lot of couples. The housework issue becomes larger than life and turns into an all-out war between spouses. The housework becomes something where couples try to outlast each other when it comes to housework. Many spouses end up nagging each other about the chores that are not done and that makes them feel resentful.

The compromise that you agree to with your spouse needs to work for both of you. It needs to be clear what you and your spouse are expected to do so it gets done. Both parties need to stick to the agreement. If you are not doing your chores that you agreed to do, your spouse won’t want to do his chores and that can lead to a big argument.



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