Build a Solid Marriage to Avoid Divorce

Is your marriage on shaky grounds? Do you believe your marriage is worth saving? If you'd rather not see your marriage end in divorce, it is important that you understand your spouse’s point of view on what went wrong in your relationship so you can work on those things.

Often, it is the little things that cause problems for couples. What you think is a nice gesture may make your spouse upset. For example, a wife may rearrange her husband’s office, thinking it is a nice thing to do. However, the husband may not like what his wife has done. To him, his wife messed with his stuff. When things like this happen, no one has actually done anything wrong. The wife was trying to be helpful but the husband was also right to be a little upset about his things being moved around without his consent.

The problem boils down to communication. A lot of couples don’t take the time to discuss the little problems in their life. Instead, they act out in revenge. If the husband is upset about his wife rearranging his office, he may decide to go into the living room that she loves and move the furniture around to get back at her.

If you suspect the problems in your marriage are the result of many little problems that have been ignored, you need to focus on what your spouse wants and needs. Instead of thinking about yourself, think about your spouse for a change.

Show that you have respect for your spouse emotionally, that you respect your spouse for what he or she wants and needs. Show respect for your spouse's treasured items. If you do, your spouse is likely to start to respect you in the same way.

You need to start doing the things your spouse enjoys but you generally enjoy. For instance, if your spouse enjoys watching sports on television but you don't, make a point to cook some snacks and watch sports with him one or two nights a week and make it fun for both of you.

Often, we focus so much on proving we are right that we don’t think about how we are treating our spouse who loves us. When you care about someone, you do things that the other person wants you to do even if those are not the things you would choose to do and you do so willingly.
Compromise is a necessary part of any successful relationship. The best way to stop your divorce and save your marriage in the process is to figure out what you can improve and then work on those things. The answers are different for every couple but as long as you are trying to improve the relationship, you have a chance.



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