Can the Retrouvaille Program Stop Your Divorce?

The word "Retrouvaille" means rediscovery. Retrouvaille is a weekend program that also offers support at home and teaches couples new ways to communicate. The Retrouvaille program got its start in the late 1970s in Canada and is now in the US and the rest of the world. Usually, a church or ministry program offers the program for couples who have separated or are having marital difficulties.

The Retrouvaille program for marriage problems has brought thousands of couples together. It can teach couples to stop holding on to negative emotions and to forgive each other so the relationship can move in a positive direction. The program teaches couples how to work together instead of working against each other.

The reason Retrouvaille is unique and unlike other programs is that it involves more than listening to people tell you how to fix your marriage. The couples that lead the Retrouvaille program have been through the program under the leadership of a minister or therapist.

For two days, couples watch presentations on marriage. They are given time to think about what they hear and discuss what they hear with their spouse. The program is not a spiritual one but instead is just an opportunity for couples wishing to not get a divorce to have an effective and honest discussion about the issues ruining their marriage.

The goal of Retrouvaille is for a couple to find the connection they used to share and regain their love for each other. The couples who go to the program are generally becoming distanced from one another, not communicating with each other, or may be living separate lives in their home together.

The weekend program is very informative and interesting and the result is hopefully that couples reconcile with each other. Once the weekend is over, there are sessions the couple can attend near them to follow up and help them progress in the right direction.

A marriage can fall apart in no time if the relationship is neglected. A lot of couples could not tell you the last time they talked openly and honestly about their relationship or the things that are bothering them. Everyone is so busy with work, children, and trying to get through every day that it is hard to find time for spouses to connect and talk. That is the reason so many couples are in trouble.

Being a Friend and a Lover

A good marriage requires a couple to be both friends and lovers. When couples neglect their relationship because of everything else going on in their life, the marriage can slowly start to fall apart. Before you know it, your spouse is someone you really don’t know anymore.

The Retrouvaille program can help you reconnect with your spouse and rebuild your friendship with each other. You and your spouse will have time to remember what it was that made you fall in love with each other again so you can be both friends and lovers to each other.

One of the main goals of Retrouvaille is to teach couples how to be better at communicating with each other so they can deal with problems in the future. You and your spouse can learn how to be happy and enjoy each other again like you used to when you first got together.

The Retrouvaille program can help couples who are newly married or who have been together 40 years. The program is great for couples who have been married a long time because they may be experiencing boredom that is driving them apart. The program can help them rebuild their relationship so it can last many more years.

Choosing a Positive Direction

Couples who are experiencing problems in their marriage often find it hard to get to the root of the problems that are causing them to fight and argue. The natural thing to do is to just go day to day and ignore the fact that every decision they make has an effect on their marriage for years to come.

Retrouvaille teaches couples how to choose a positive direction for their lives and their marriage. It focuses on teaching couples to forgive each other instead of staying mad at each other. It teaches couples how to communicate when there are things that are bothering them so that small problems don’t get bigger.

All the communications in a marriage are going to either have a positive effect or a negative effect on your marriage. You can’t have a happy marriage if you are critical of each other, cynical, and argue all the time.

The little disagreements build up over time and before you know it, your entire relationship is falling apart like a crumbling building. If you and your spouse learn to make positive decisions, you can build a strong and healthy marriage.



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