The Causes of Divorce and How to Avoid Them

One of the prerequisites to divorce is matrimony. It may sound absurd or even illogical.  However, as long as people are getting married, there will be couples who will be getting divorced.

There are people who may have the notion that those who cohabitate prior to marriage will have less chances of getting a divorce. Why? Because the couple, theoretically, would have gotten to know each other more, seen each other’s faults, and so on. Unfortunately, this is not the case. According to research, couples who live together prior to getting married have a higher incidence of divorce than those who do not.

Others who have been children of divorced couples may also think that because they have come from a home that has fallen apart, they know what to do to avoid it. They think that because they have been a witness to a broken marriage, they have become knowledgeable on the subject.

That kind of thinking is still a misconception. Research has also shown that those who have come from these situations have higher chance of also ending up divorced. You may again wonder why that is so, despite knowing, in a way, how to avoid it. Studies have shown that it may be because one has indeed seen how two people can spiral into divorce, the person sort of has "training" on how to fall into a broken marriage.

The causes for divorce are plentiful and distinctive for each relationship. What may be a fatal flaw for some may be acceptable to others. Still, the most common cause is attributed to lack of communication.

When a lack of dedication is added to that lack of communication, a marriage is well on its way to a divorce. However, this combination is also easily dealt with. Be open with one another -- communicate, discuss, share your feeling, thoughts and beliefs.

Unfaithfulness is also another reason. It is difficult to repair a marriage after an act of infidelity, but it can be avoided by making a marriage strong and caring for one another.  Although not a 100% foolproof, the chances are less.

Abuse, which may also include alcoholism, drug abuse, emotional abuse, and even sexual abuse, is also a big factor. When a spouse has been abusive to the other or has suffered from those mentioned above, it is probably best to seek professional help. It is difficult for a person to hurdle these types of problems alone.

There are many other causes for divorce. Finances and sexual relationship are some of the most common factors. An unhealthy status of either can be a root for problems leading to divorce. Even if ideas and feelings on these two can change after getting married, it is best to discuss them prior to marriage.

This is only a superficial discussion on marriage and the things that can go wrong. The subject of problems that can lead to divorce is deep and varied. Other factors also include dissimilarities in characters, traits, cultural background, viewpoints regarding kids, and even chore or role assignments.

Matrimony, in a way, can be like a minefield. If you unthinkingly step on a "mine", then a cascade of problems may be initiated. But, as some say, remember that the primary reason for divorce is miscommunication. So, do your best to connect and share with your spouse.



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