Christian Marriage Encounters Can Renew Your Romance

Christian marriage encounters can help couples who are struggling in their relationship or are on the road to divorce. A lot of marriages begin with traditional vows in a church. Couples embrace the ideas of love, honor, devotion, and fidelity at first.

However, as life goes on many couples start to lose focus on these principles and start to lose the connection that they had with each other.

You Have to be True to Yourself

In life, it is always important to be true to yourself. Couples often start to forget about appreciating each other. Looking after your children, working, and taking care of the home take a lot of time.

You start arguing more and more and you start to have fewer and fewer conversations that really matter. You only discuss issues regarding your kids and bills you have to pay. The love you share and the pride in your family is not discussed.

At first, a married couple is excited to see each other when they get home from work. The excitement of a new relationship makes every day things something to look forward to together. As time goes on, the daily issues in a marriage start to cause problems, though.

The romance starts to fade when people get more familiar with each other. The love has not gone away but it is buried under stress and neglect.

The purpose of Christian encounters is to reunite couples who have grown apart and help them find the passion and the connection they used to have in their marriage. The programs are based on the religious ideals of marriage and takes place during a weekend getaway.

The couple goes away and spends a few days in a retreat attending group and private counseling sessions and seminars and attending church to find their love again.

No Distractions

Christian marriage encounters let couples get back to basics and reconnect. The couples are out of the every day race of life and have no distractions. That means they are able to focus solely on one another.

They don’t have to focus on their children, their jobs, the things that need done around the house, or other stressful things. They can take the time to find that spark that caused them to fall in love and decide to get married.

Many different couples attend Christian marriage encounters. A lot of couples who are happily married attend just to spend some time focusing on each other and benefit from what the weekend has to offer. Many couples who attend are on the verge of divorce and need help.

The encounter weekend gives couples time alone to talk to each other about issues in their relationship and also to attend group sessions where couples discuss their issues and work on refocusing their relationships on the Christian principles of marriage.

Finding an Encounter

There are some marriage encounter programs that are not based on Christian principles if that is what you would be more comfortable with instead. You can easily find marriage encounter groups.

Ask around at your church to see if it offers any sort of group marriage retreats. Agencies in your community, including community resource groups, other churches, and Christian clubs, are good places to find marriage encounters.

Many religious leaders and ministers also offer counseling and have licenses. The focus of their job is to help people who are in conflict and encourage good communication. They are experts in the areas they have studied in counseling and have a background in religion as well.

A marriage encounter is a great place to find a support group that you can meet with in the future when the retreat is over. That way you can keep the focus on your marriage and not forget the lessons you learned at the encounter.

There are no age limits on who can attend Christian marriage encounters. It doesn’t matter if you just got married or have been married for 50 years. The problems that people have can be about finances, children, or any other issue. There are no problems that cannot be addressed during Christian marriage encounters.

You don’t have to watch your marriage fall apart. A Christian marriage encounter is a great way to renew your vows, save your relationship, or just reconnect.



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