How to Stop a Divorce Filing and Save Your Marriage

If you are thinking about filing for divorce, it needs to be a last resort and you need to be give it a lot of thought. A divorce should be the last thing you do after nothing else has worked. You need to try having an open conversation with your spouse about the problems in your marriage. You may even want to try marriage counseling.

If you attend marriage counseling with your spouse, it is important that you put your whole heart into trying to fix the relationship and mend your differences. That is the only way to rebuild your relationship and find the love you used to share. If both parties don’t try to make it work, counseling won't be any help.

Millions of people file for divorce every day. Thousands of these divorces are unwanted by at least one spouse who wants to do whatever it takes to rebuild their relationship and make their marriage work.

A divorce filing is very serious because once the paperwork enters the court system, the wheels are in motion and the divorce proceedings are underway. Anyone who has had any dealings with the court system knows how difficult the legal system is to work with and how hard it is to stop a divorce proceeding once it starts.

You should not file for divorce until you have thoroughly considered what you are doing and examined the pros and cons of the situation. There are ways of stopping a divorce filing but it can be difficult. However, in some states all you need to do is withdraw the petition or tell the court you wish to dismiss the filing.

Many states allow you to say you changed your mind or just put a stop to the divorce filing for a short time while you reconsider.

Are You Reconsidering the Divorce?

If you dismiss your divorce petition, it is like you never filed it at all. Once you do this, you will have to start the divorce filing over again and go through the same process that you went through before.

The decision to start a divorce filing is very difficult. A divorce will end your relationship with the person you loved when you thought the relationship would last forever. Often, the day to day part of life gets in the way.

Some people just fall out of love, have an emotional crisis of their own, or they get tired of dealing with the problems in their marriage. However, a lot of people who end their marriage do so before they really give it the thought that they should.

If the following descriptions sound familiar to you and you have started a divorce filing, you should reconsider and look into stopping the divorce filing.

1. You have children who will be affected by the divorce.

2. You and your spouse haven’t tried marriage counseling.

3. You haven’t tried to change yourself to make the relationship better.

4. You still care about your spouse on some level.

5. You think being single will make your life great.

There are many reasons people start a divorce filing. They may make a spontaneous decision based on anger. They may not take the time to try to fix their marriage because it is easier to just file for divorce. Your spouse does not need to agree to your divorce filing for the process to start.

It may be a good idea to reconsider your divorce. You don’t have to keep the divorce filing going just because you are afraid of being embarrassed or making the court angry. You should try to save your relationship if at all possible if you think there is any hope at all it can work out.

You may think that the single life is going to be great and it will be like being 20 years old again. When you have kids, you don’t get to really be single even after you get divorced.

Try to Find a Second Chance

It is important to tell the court as soon as you decide to go about stopping a divorce filing. If your spouse is the one who filed for divorce, you can tell your spouse to reconsider stopping the divorce or at least putting the divorce proceedings on hold.

When you talk to your spouse about this, you need to have a plan in mind. If you can tell your spouse how you may be able to solve your marriage problems, he or she may reconsider the divorce. A lot of people file for divorce because they don’t think there are any other options left for them and their marriage.

Stopping a divorce filing is possible and your marriage can be saved. Once you file a petition for divorce, you can change your mind as long as the process has not been completed.



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