Keeping Your Marriage: How to Stop Divorce

Is your marriage on the rocks? Have you found yourself asking, "How do I stop my divorce" lately? Keep reading for advice on how you can keep your marriage and get your spouse back.

When faced with divorce, women often follow the advice they find in magazines or movies. Men, on the other hand, may react in a way that they think is manly and strong. Both of these reactions can go very wrong for most people.

The first thing you need to remember is to avoid hurling angry words and blaming each other. You need to stop talking in an angry way even when your spouse provokes you. If you do get angry for a good reason, that’s alright but you don’t want to let your anger get out of control and give your spouse a reason to feel you are being abusive. For instance, if alcohol makes you an angry person who yells and intimidates people, you need to watch how much you are drinking.

You need to take a good, hard look at yourself. You know your spouse has some issues but that is your spouse's problem, not yours. You are only in control of you and how you behave. When you are in angry confrontations, you are likely to end up saying something you want to take back. A couple that does not argue in a healthy way will not have a healthy relationship.

You can do a lot of damage to your relationship when you are angry. You need to think about how you act when you are angry and if you get out of control, you need to learn to control yourself better. Men who get up in a woman’s face and in their personal space during an argument need to learn to sit still when having a serious discussion.

Women who get incredibly upset and start making accusations and criticisms in an argument need to learn how to turn that off for their relationship to work. Neither of these tactics help a relationship.

People who hold onto anger from the past need to stop because that only ruins relationships. Dredging up the past only makes an argument worse and causes more stress on both of you so you need to avoid it. Don’t bring up the past when you are having an argument. Talk about the current issue and forget about what you are holding on to. Try not to get confrontational; keep the discussion calm if possible.

If you truly want to save your marriage and stop an imminent divorce, you need to learn the importance of forgiveness. No matter what you are angry about, your relationship cannot get better if you don’t forgive your spouse. You also have to talk to your spouse about him or her forgiving you for the things you have done that have caused your spouse to feel upset and hurt. A simple apology can make a big difference.



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