Stop Divorce in Its Track: Three Things You Can Do Right Now to Save Your Marriage

Most of us has been through something like this: You meet someone, you fall in love with that someone, and you make a life with that someone. Happy ending, right? Things don't always end up happily, however. The most painful thing that could happen is to have your spouse tell you that he or she doesn't love you anymore, that your spouse doesn't want to be married to you anymore. So what do you do? You're still in love with your spouse and you certainly want to stay married. You need to try to figure out a way to stop the divorce.

Perhaps you and your spouse have discovered that being married to each other is a lot harder than it looked. Some men only want to have a beautiful girl on their arms forever but they don’t want to deal with the daily work that marriage involves. Women don’t expect to have to spend every spare minute watching sports with their husband. Perhaps that's where you and your spouse are right now. Here are three things you can do keep your marriage from ending in divorce:

1. Don’t make any assumptions. You may think that after all those years of marriage, you know everything that is going on with your spouse but that is not true. You have to communicate. Find out what your spouse is not telling you. Your spouse may no longer be telling you how he or she truly feels. The biggest mistake you can do is to make assumptions about what your spouse is feeling or thinking.

2. You may have to mix things up and take over each other’s roles. If you are the one who always pays the bills and money is one of your issues, you may need to give up control. You could try telling your spouse that he or she can be in charge of or share control of the finances.

3. Let your spouse know you want to change for the better and how. If you change for the better, your spouse is likely to want to change for the better as well. The problem is that someone needs to go first so if you want to stop divorce in its track, you need to be the one to take that first step.

It is much harder to stop a divorce after it has started than it is to improve your relationship when you see there are problems that may get worse and lead to divorce. That doesn’t mean it can’t be done. You just need to have a plan in place and you are going to follow through so your marriage can be saved.

Instead of feeling sorry for yourself, talking badly about your spouse, or panicking about what you are going to do next, do something else -- something constructive. You can stop divorce now by doing the three things suggested above. These will show your spouse that you are serious about fixing your marriage. A divorce does not have to happen if you take action and are determined to save your marriage.

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