A Lack Of Intimacy In Marriage

A lack of intimacy in a marriage can cause a lot of pain for a couple and a lot of problems in the relationship. Marriage is supposed to mean spending your life with someone you are physically and emotionally compatible with.

If you are going to stay married forever, it is important that you don’t neglect the romantic aspect of your marriage and find yourself only focusing on the day to day parts of life.

Communication and Intimacy

If you and your spouse are not having enough sex, it may be that you are overwhelmed with the daily struggles of the family, not because there is not attraction. When a couple starts a family together, it is a very exciting and wonderful time, and a stressful time as well.

Both parents have to spend their time focusing on the children, which takes time away from their relationship. Also, children take a lot out of the parents so they may be too tired for sexual relations when the kids finally go to sleep.

A lack of intimacy in marriage can occur for a variety of reasons though. When there are unresolved issues in the marriage, the tension that both spouses feel might lead to a lack of sexual relations. No one wants to be intimate with a person with whom they are very angry. The act of being intimate with your spouse is an emotional experience, as well as a physical one.

Some couples have so much pent up anger at their spouses that they put up very strong emotional walls that result in a lack of intimacy. Men and women both do this. Sometimes the lack of physical intimacy occurs because the physical appearance of a spouse changes. Some men will not want to be intimate with their wife if she has gotten heavy.

It sounds very mean but a lot of men will say this in a negative way like, "You have gotten so fat I don’t want to have sex anymore." This is his way of telling the truth.

When a couple stops talking and being intimate with each other, they may well end up in the divorce courts. This situation deals two big blows to a marriage because there is no communication and no affection.

The two sides of this problem need to be addressed if the marriage is going to be saved. Couples need to start communicating and put intimacy on their priority list if they are going to avoid a divorce.

Talk About the Problems

Can a marriage survive without intimacy? You need to ask yourself this and give an honest answer too. Once you have the answer you need to then discuss the problem with your partner before it gets worse.

A couple usually shares intimate conversation in the bedroom. This is an important part of any marriage and helps build a connection between the couple. If a couple stops talking, they simply see the bedroom as a place where they sleep. They forget all about sex.

If you want to start rebuilding your sexual relationship with your spouse, you will have to figure out why there is no intimacy in your marriage. Was it you that used to initiate the sex or was it your spouse? Are you angry all the time when you go to bed? Are issues that occur when you are getting older affecting your sexual relations? You need to figure out what the problem is so you can find a solution.

If the issue affecting your sexual relations is physical, you have to handle it in a sensitive way. You cannot just tell your spouse he is fat or he is not as good in the bedroom as he used to be and expect good results.

Instead of hurting your spouse, talk to him in a kind and gentle way so the two of you can figure out a solution. You both may need to make healthy changes in your lives or one of you may need to see a physician to address physical issues.

Communicating Sexually

You or your spouse may have a problem with sexual intimacy because the demands placed on you in your every day life take all your energy. It is important that a couple make time for physically intimacy. If you make sexual relations a priority, your spouse will see that you want to be with him and that you still desire him.

If you don’t tell your spouse how you feel and you let your daily issues get in the way of sexual activity, your relationship will suffer.

The key to fixing this problem is to have good sexual communication. Wives need to tell their husband they want to be intimate with them and the husbands need to tell their wife they love them and want them as well.

The communication styles of men and women are not the same so this can be hard to do. If you can avoid a lack of intimacy in marriage, you can avoid a divorce and keep your marriage a happy one for many years to come.



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