Rekindling the Romance When the Fire Has Gone Out of the Marriage

There will come a time that the fire in a relationship, no matter how great that relationship is, will go out. People discover that they are no longer attracted to their spouses. Couples grow apart. They find themselves spending less and less time together. They feel the pressure of taking care of the children, juggling a career, and life in general. Married couples no longer go out on dates. They hardly spend long nights together.

Does the above describe the current state of your marriage? Perhaps in the last several months or few years, you've noticed that the conversation between you and your spouse happens briefly in the morning, when one of you is rushing off to work. At dinner time, conversation is dominated by the children. By the time you turn in for the night, you're both tired. You and your spouse have stopped having quality time together.

In reality, many married couples realize this kind of thing happening in their relationship as soon as it starts. Most couples, however, don't have a clue as to how to deal with it. They don't know what to do or how they can change the situation. Sadly, most couples simply resign themselves to the fact that it's just how their lives are going to be. They don't make a move to make things better.

Instead of being in a happy, loving, and fulfilling marriage, these couples are trapped in a marriage where it's more a duty and an obligation. They're in a rut that they can't ever get themselves out of. Imagine yourself stuck in a job where you do nothing but the same thing every day. You'll come to despise your job but you can't leave your job. So you do the same thing over and over, day in and day out.

Imagine your marriage being this way. Can you last? Would you be able to bear being in this kind of situation? How long before you'd say enough and begin making changes? Don't settle for this kind of situation in your marriage. Don't be satisfied with a comfortable relationship with your spouse where the two of you simply live under the same roof. Take steps to rekindle the romance in your marriage.

Start dating your spouse again. This is one of the easiest ways to put the romance back in your marriage. Together with your spouse, decide how many times you'll go on dates each month. Once or twice a month is a good start. If you have young children, ask a relative or neighbor to babysit when you and your spouse go on your date. Or hire a babysitter.

Decide where you want to go on your dates. Perhaps a romantic dinner where the two of you first met. Watch a movie. Do something that both of you used to enjoy. The important thing here is that you have hours where it's just the two of you. In time you can increase the number of times you go on a date.

Another thing you can do is go on a second honeymoon. This doesn't have to be expensive. Believe it or not, you don't need to fly to some exotic island to honeymoon. You can honeymoon anywhere -- and yes, even at a local hotel. Go away for the weekend. If you both enjoy nature, go camping for a few days. Focus on your spouse. You can find someone trustworthy enough to take care of the children for a few days.

Enjoy the time you spend together. Enjoy each other's company. Don't bring work with you. Instead focus on getting back that closeness that you and your spouse once had. You already know that you both love each other. Just let the sparks fly again.



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