Stop Your Divorce And Be Happily Married Again

Think back to the time when you and your spouse exchanged vows. Remember how you both felt. You were very much in love with each other. As you vowed to love each other for better or for worse, you were so optimistic about your life together. You were anticipating a lifetime of wedded bliss. When you said your vows, you meant every word. You were looking forward to spending the rest of your life with your spouse.

Fast forward to today. What has gone wrong in your marriage? Both you and your spouse are thinking that perhaps divorce is the best way out. Marriage isn't what you thought it's all cracked up to be.

As soon as the honeymoon was over and you drifted back to reality, you and your spouse started drifting farther and farther apart too. In the beginning of your marriage, you couldn't tear yourselves away from each other; now you couldn't wait to get away from each other.

There are so many unhappy marriages today. If your marriage is an unhappy one, you're not alone. Thousands of couples are heading for the divorce courts. For some couples, the start of the end of a marriage begins as soon as the honeymoon ends.

For some couples, it's much later than that. Like old age, unhappiness in a marriage can creep up on you, or it can rear its ugly head all of a sudden. Have you ever woken up in the morning, turned to look at the person sleeping beside you, and wondered who that stranger is?

You can rekindle the passion and romance in your marriage. You can be happily married once again. All that's needed is for you and your spouse to want it. Both of you must work hard to achieve a happy marriage. Stop any talk of divorce. Give your marriage another try, and when you do, give it your all.

One of the things you and your spouse need to do if you want a happy marriage is to communicate. Start talking. Discuss your problems openly, honestly, calmly, and respectfully. Communicate and compromise. You can't have a good marriage without compromise. You both need to give and take.

Things won't always go your way, in the same way that things won't always go your spouse's way. You both need to learn to bend. Pride and rigidity have no place in a happy marriage.

Come up with a list of what each of you want and expect from each other. The goal is to save the marriage. Don't give in to negative thoughts, feelings, and talks. What annoys you about your spouse? List things your spouse does that make you smile. Learn to accept your spouse's flaws and focus on your spouse's positives.

Each day, make it a point to do something to make your spouse feel loved and special. It doesn't matter how small the act is. You can start leaving love notes in conspicuous places. If you both work, try calling your spouse during breaks. Take your spouse out on a dinner date once a week.

Be sincere in your efforts to save your marriage and turn it into a happy one. When your spouse sees your sincerity, he or she is likely to reciprocate. Divorce averted!



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