Temporary Separation from Your Spouse

Choosing to separate at least temporarily from your spouse when your marriage is in trouble is something a lot of couples end up doing. These couples may think they have no other option if the relationship is falling apart quickly and their children are starting to suffer as a result. You don’t have to go from separated to divorced, though. A separation can be good if it is used as a time to clear your head and reflect on your relationship.

It is sometimes necessary to step away from your problems if you want to be able solve them. If your marriage is getting worse and worse, you and your spouse may need to be separated for a short time in order to stop things from getting worse.

Remember though that this should be a temporary separation from your spouse. It is important to see the time apart as a time to reflect on the problems in your marriage instead of a stop on the way to divorce.

Keep a Positive Attitude

The attitude you have during a separation can dictate what happens in your marriage. A spouse who looks at the separation as a stop on the way to divorce is probably going to get divorced down the road.

If you consider the separation as a chance to rebuild your relationship and figure out what went wrong so you can be happier in the future, you and your spouse probably won’t end up divorced. Dealing with the problems in your marriage together is not easy if you are living apart and are separated, though. It requires a lot of hard work.

You and your spouse should attend some sort of therapy while you are separated. The separation indicates some serious problems that you need to work though. Attending counseling together with your spouse gives you the opportunity to do this. A counselor can help you learn how to communicate better so you can solve your problems instead of continuing to argue.

If you aren’t careful, you may end up focusing on negative thoughts while you are separated from your spouse. You have to make sure you have the right attitude. You cannot spend your time apart from your spouse thinking he is not going to change.

If you do, you will not be likely to resolve your problems and rebuild your relationship. Don’t focus on the past but on the future that you and your spouse can enjoy together. When you do, that is what is likely to happen.

Start Talking

A couple needs to make sure they are spending a lot of time talking while separated. This can be a great time to have more open and honest conversations than you have been having in the past. When you are separated, you are going to be less stressed because you won’t be arguing and fighting all the time. This is a good time to talk about the problems in your relationship.

The goal of spending time separated is to avoid a divorce. A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that the way things are when they are separated indicate what it would be like if they were divorced. It is not that easy to be single today. You married your spouse because the two of you had a lot in common, loved each other, and wanted to be together forever.

When you have experienced these feelings with someone, you won't find being single very enjoyable. Things are a lot different when you are single than when you are separated.

Look at the Big Picture

When you are separated from your spouse, both of you will need to focus on the big picture. It is hard to really understand what is happening in your relationship when you are there every day living your life with your spouse. It is too easy to start focusing on the negative aspects of the relationship instead of the good things you share with your spouse.

You didn’t just fall in love by accident and neither was the decision to start a family by having children. You used to share goals and dreams in your marriage and that is why you chose to spend your lives together.

The separation can provide relief but it can also be very painful. Make sure you use the time apart to open the lines of communication and be honest with each other. The time should also be used to look at your actions in the relationships. Marriages either thrive or fail because of the actions of two people in the relationship. Neither you or your spouse are solely to blame for the problems that occur in your marriage.



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