Using Trial Separation to Save a Marriage

In some cases, a couple who have a trial separation may actually end up being happily married later on. However, there is always the chance that one spouse could enjoy the separation and decide to go through with the divorce. Generally, a trial separation gives spouses an opportunity to get a fresh perspective on the issues in their marriage.

The Benefits of Separation

There are different kinds of trial separations including an informal separation and a legal separation. If a couple agrees to separate but not file paperwork with the courts, they have an informal separation. They just decide to live separate lives for awhile, which could mean that they sleep in separate rooms and don’t interact in their home. It could also mean that one of them stays somewhere else for awhile. The type of separation the couple chooses may be dependent on their financial situation.

If a couple files paperwork with the court, they are legally separating. Legal separation can be a costly option but it has benefits that you don’t get from an informal separation. A legal separation can involve dividing up property, for example. The majority of couples choose an informal separation because they are hoping to still be able to save their marriage and avoid getting divorced.

A trial separation can benefit couples in different ways. It gives them a taste of what the single life is like. When you got married, you did so because you were in love and didn’t want to be alone so it is easy to forget how difficult being single really can be. One of the best reasons to choose a trial separation is that you can change your mind at any time and go back to your spouse. All you have to do is agree that you and your spouse will resume your life like it was before.

Time for Yourself

Many couples end up feeling like their marriage is consuming them and not letting them be themselves. They can start to feel like they don’t know who they are anymore and they never get to spend time on themselves. A lot of women focus everything on their family and men focus only on their job and the family. You also have to take into account all your extended family. When do you get time for your needs?

You need to be sure you and your spouse are focusing on rebuilding your relationship if you are going to try a separation. A separation that does not involve working on the marriage will likely lead right to divorce. The separation should be about finding out who you are and how you feel about the issues in your marriage that caused the separation to occur.

Make Time for Each Other

The goal of your trial separation is to rebuild your relationship. You and your spouse won’t be able to do this if you can’t openly and honestly communicate with each other. If you separate and don’t have any conversations about your relationship, you won’t figure out any solutions to your problems. Ideally, a couple who is separated should attend marriage counseling together and individually as well. That is a good way to work on communication skills.

The trial separation period needs to be used as a time to look at your marriage and what went wrong if you want to save the relationship. You cannot use separation as a time to focus only on you and what you want. A separation has a big effect on you and your family, especially if you have children together.

For couples facing divorce, a trial separation can be a good way to get some time apart without going through the courts. Both you and your spouse need to use the time to think about your marriage and also focus on yourself and what you want out of life. The trial separation is not just a time for living the life of a fun single guy or gal and forgetting about the marriage.

You and your spouse need to make the most of the trial separation in order to avoid divorce. You need to communicate with each other regularly and try to resolve your marital issues while you are apart.



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