Marriage on the Rocks: What You Need to Do When Your Spouse Wants a Divorce

It is very painful to have your spouse tell you that he or she wants to end your marriage. The pain is even more magnified if you are still in love with your spouse and want to stay married. It is understandable to feel upset and anxious when your spouse wants to divorce you.

If you want to save your marriage, all you can think about most likely is how to stop the divorce. Friends and relatives may be sincere in giving you advice and helping you get through a difficult time, but their advice isn't always the most helpful.

Your friends are great for helping you in other ways, such as listening to you when you call late at night, allowing you to stay with them, and talking through your feelings with you. Don’t hesitate to call up a good friend and pour your heart out to that friend. It's also okay to cry until you have no more tears. It's also okay to not want to get out of bed for a few days.

After you've done all those things, however, you have to move on and start looking at your situation honestly. If what you truly want is to stop your divorce and save the marriage, you have to get real and take a close look at your relationship. What should your next step be? The best thing you can do is make a list.

Take a close look at the history of your relationship with your spouse. Think about the things your spouse wanted from you and wanted you do to do but you failed to do. Some men dream of coming home and finding a delicious home made dinner that their wives cooked just for them.

Some women would love to spend a few nights a week sitting close to their husbands on the couch or in their bed while a movie plays and they have some snacks. What is it that your spouse was looking for but you did not give because you did not want to or didn’t care to.

You'd  be surprised to know that you probably already have the answer to how to stop your divorce. You simply have to look closely at your relationship. What type of experiences did your spouse want to share with you? If you are a woman, you should consider learning more about sports if your husband is into sports. If you are a man, you should consider trying to ask your wife how her day was and really listen to what she has to say. Women can make their spouses a nice meal and men can help more with the kids. Whatever it was that your spouse was wanting you to do is what you need to start doing.

There's an old movie with a wealthy couple in their 40s. The husband works hard at his job to the point where his health suffers just so his wife can live the lifestyle she dreams of having. Eventually, the husband leaves his wife for a secretary in his office and people wonder what they could have in common. The man tells everyone that he loves her because she doesn’t expect too much of him and that she likes to be with him. So think about that. What does your spouse want from you? The answer may just be the one to help you stop your divorce.



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